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Secure your future with Bitcoin. Lyncster provides Bitcoin guidance for HNWI and family offices.

“Those who voluntarily choose to embrace Bitcoin – a global, digital, sound, open-source, programmable money – will be in a position to accumulate long-term–oriented capital at a disproportionate rate to those who do not.”

– Bitcoin is Venice
Essays on the Past and Future of Capitalism

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It's not just advice, it's tailored execution.

Our passion – helping you evaluate and adopt Bitcoin using best-in-class custody. That is only where the journey begins, as Lyncster will be an ongoing extension of your planning and advisory team.

Customizes each analysis and recommendation to fit your unique financial goals and needs.

Combines your financial standing with Bitcoin’s unique attributes and monetization path to create your own sustainable plan.

Empowers you to secure your future by preserving and growing the value of your hard-earned income and assets.

Lyncster focuses exclusively on spot Bitcoin and does not advise on futures, options, swaps or ETFs.

Joe Ianni, the smiling face behind Lyncster - Your Bitcoin financial advising partner for growth and success.

Joe Ianni

Founder and CEO 

Joe is an experienced finance professional and a long-time student of Bitcoin. As a finance analyst in KeyBank’s Consumer & Small Business segment, Joe completed aspects of the Federal Reserve Stress Test, a resilience assessment born out of the Global Financial Crisis. This assignment led him down the rabbit holes of central banking, quantitative easing, and ultimately Bitcoin. He’s advocated for Bitcoin ever since.

Joe was the CFO for DDSports (Data Driven Sports) and helped launch their initial product, ShotTracker, which became a globally recognized brand for real-time basketball stats and analytics. His most critical role was managing cash flow for the capital-intensive business. He helped raise over $40 million in funding during his tenure.

Joe pursued a digital payments interoperability concept that had Bitcoin at the core of its future. He walked away from this endeavor after discovering the future power of Bitcoin’s Taro Protocol, which will eventually make the concept obsolete. This was a welcomed learning and further strengthened Joe’s view that the world is heading toward less intermediation and more coordination amongst peers.

Joe also worked as an investment banking consultant with a focus on alternative investments and Bitcoin mining. He holds licenses for the series 3 (commodities) and series 65 (investment advisor).